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Thursday, October 14, 2010

LA concert – Breslov style

Breslov Hasidim may be kings of intersection dance in Israel, but in LA musicians jam entire highway for impromptu concert – to mixed reviews

In Israel, many are already familiar with the Breslov Hasidim who dance around their vehicle at major city intersections. In Los Angeles, it seems, they need to do a little more to catch the attention of passersby. But there's a price to pay.

Three musicians this week stopped their vehicle in the middle of Highway 101, plugged in their guitars, climbed onto the roof of the van and played "Traffic Jam 101." And indeed, the song caused quite a traffic jam in the morning hours on this major traffic artery, which was almost completely blocked.

"It was really strange," the local police commissioner explained to the Los Angeles Times. "I thought I had already seen it all in LA." Authorities noted that among the musicians were at least two from the group Imperial Stars, and it seems the highway was the most central place they had performed till now.

The show lasted no more than 20 minutes, till the police stopped the fun and arrested the three musicians. The driver escaped with the keys, and the police were obliged to call a tow-truck. The musicians climbed down from the roof – and into a detention cell.

Reviews were mixed, and didn't relate only to the music. "File under 'idiotic promotion'," said one. "Causing a traffic jam won't win you fans," said another. Others who heard about the incident were more enthusiastic. A blogger with the Los Angeles Times said those who complained were sad, and that Imperial Stars had become his all-time favorite band

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