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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mexico City: Two Israelis found dead in their apartment

Bodies of father, 60, and daughter, 24, show signs of injury, struggle; police suspect murder; ZAKA volunteers in Mexico assist brother to break into building

Two Israelis, a 60-year-old man and his 24-year-old daughter, were found dead in their apartment in Mexico City on Saturday night, with signs of injury and struggle on their bodies.

The bodies were found in two separate rooms in the apartment.

Local police opened an investigation into the suspected murder, and the bodies were taken for forensic examination.

Initial reports suggest that on Friday, one of the family's daughters, aged 12, returned to their house, tried to enter, but no one opened the door. Neighbors took the girl in and contacted her older brother.

On Saturday night, the brother broke into the apartment, accompanied by ZAKA volunteers in Mexico, and found the 24-year-old's body, and later, the father's body.

The volunteers transferred the information to the Foreign Ministry.

It was suspected that the father and daughter were abducted from the street, taken to their home and murdered.

One of the suspects is the family's driver who disappeared immediately after the incident.


  1. יהי זיכרם ברוך

  2. נורא! מתי יהודי העולם יתעוררו להבין שהשכינה נמצאת רק בישראל!

  3. all the jews of Mexico City should move out right away b/c yestrday alone 18 people where found murdered there!!