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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keep out of those bus lanes, drivers ... NYPD steps up ticketing of motorists caught on buses' turf

Hundreds of drivers have been ticketed for invading bus-only lanes at the center of the city's effort to speed up East Side buses, authorities said Wednesday.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, NYPD officers issued 378 tickets for bus-lane violations along First Ave., Second Ave., and other thoroughfares designated for the new Select Bus Service.

The new service, a joint project of the Bloomberg administration and the MTA, got off to a bumpy start, with buses slowed by the usual culprits like double-parkers and red lights.

"We are seeing an extraordinary level of cooperation from the city and the NYPD, and we are committed to making SBS a world class transit service," NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said. "Today we saw some improvement in travel time and in customer familiarity with the new method of fare payment."


  1. there should be a better way to make things run better so many tickets is unfair.

  2. people don't understand until they get into trouble for what they did. like other things in NY that where in-forced by the NYPD.

  3. Make NYC a safer better place to live

  4. well i sure wont be driving on a bul lane no more

  5. caught in teh bus lane, caught in the bike lane, caught smoking in the park or beach, .....we normal citizens are being caught doing so much evil.....anything rather than catching the criminals running around with knives and guns.
    locking up criminals does not bring in $$ .
    catching hard working tax payers does.
    something seems wrong here