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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Woman's Difficult Child-Support Battle

Divorce not easy. And when children are involved, it can really get complicated. Fox 5's Arnold Diaz has the story of one woman's fight to expose her deadbeat husband.
The woman says her ex is scamming her and the entire court system.


  1. These kids are not alone. They do nothing to enforce support. My ex hasn't paid in over a year and owes 100+ for the settlement. He's not in jail, he's not in contempt and they allowed him to take me to another court (from civil to family) to get a reduction of the support he isn't paying. It's an outrage.

  2. This guy needs to face the music and support his son that he doesn't acknowledge. HE WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! Can't wait for an update on next court date after this airing. Here is a guy who has three two family homes and cheats his only SON and deliberately denies his own child and what he is legally entitled to! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU MARIO! The District Attorney's Office and Child Support Enforcement should follow up and make the appropriate CHARGES STICK! He should pay up OR FACE JAIL TIME! Push that card - MAKE IT HAPPEN!