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Monday, December 9, 2013

Tel Aviv - Police Arrest 11 Allegedly Tied To Israeli Crime Ring

                                                   Amir Mulner at court.

Police on Sunday arrested 11 people allegedly affiliated with the Amir Mulner crime organization. 

Those arrested are suspected of weapons possession, unlawfully carrying a weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Police say that if Mulner had not been abroad, he, too, would have been arrested on the same suspicions.

Ever since a bomb last month blew up a car belonging to a Tel Aviv attorney who is the lead prosecutor in several cases against members of a crime ring that police say is run by Mulner, the police's Lahav 433 department has been tightening the noose around Mulner’s people, as part of an effort to get its hands on the crime bosses and their underlings. 

During Sunday’s raid in Ramat Gan, a pistol was found that police said belonged to all the suspects, adding that there is evidence that they knew about it, talked about it and some even carried it from time to time.

Mulner had previously been convicted of possessing a pistol without a license and served two years and eight months. That conviction also involved police associating the illegal weapon with several different suspects.

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