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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seized Lev Tahor Children to Return Home

Two children from the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor are being returned to their parents, after they were taken into foster care by Canadian Authorities last Thursday.

According to Lev Tahor Lawyer Chris Knowles, the brother and sister were taken from their home by a Chatham-Kent Children’s Services case worker Thursday night after they saw what they thought to be symptoms of child abuse.

“They observed some marks on the child’s face. They commenced their investigation, and sought the assistance of the police. The police ultimately determined there was no criminal activity.” said Knowles.

However, despite the police’s recommendations, the caseworkers apprehended the children anyway.

The judge presiding over the case decided that there wasn’t enough evidence of abuse to take the two children from their parents.

Sources told that the marks on the child’s face turned out to be stains from coloring markers, though this has not been independently confirmed.

The issue is due back in court for a hearing on January 31. Chatham-Kent Children’s Services requested and was denied a full publication ban earlier today.

Their request earlier this month to seize all the children in the Lev Tahor community was also denied by a judge at the time.

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