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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Williamsburg - Hasidic Man Shot Multiple Times During Shabbat

Williamsburg  -  NYPD responded late Friday night when calls came in that a member of the Hasidic Jewish community was shot.

To 27-year-old man was sitting on a bench with a friend outside 70 Clymer Street Housing, when a male black, in his 20’s, approached with a weapon asking for his wallet, after explaining that he does not have a wallet due to his observing of the Shabbat a struggle started over the gun, that’s when the gun went off hitting the victim in his hand and leg.

The victim was transported by Hatzolah to Bellevue Hospital where he is in stable condition after hours of surgery.

After hours of interrogation the NYPD of the 90th Precinct has a suspect in custody.

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