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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assassination attempt against Tel Aviv attorney

Did criminals try to eliminate an attorney in Tel Aviv? A car belonging to a lawyer with the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office exploded on Thursday evening in Dafna Street.

The lawyer is considered a fearless prosecutor who handled heavy criminal cases against top tier crime bosses. Among others, he was in charge of a case against five men affiliated with Amir Mulner's crime group, and has also handled the case against Margalit Tzan'ani.
The sound of the blast echoed through the neighborhood and caused some panic. So far, no casualties were reported. Police are investigating suspicions that the explosion was caused by a charge planted in the car.

In January 2013, not far from the same area, an assassination attempt against crime boss Nissim Alperon took place while he was driving a vehicle. 

According to eyewitnesses, a biker drew close to Alperon's vehicle mid-drive and attached an explosive charge which then detonated.

Alperon managed to escape unharmed.

The Justice Ministry issued a statement following the blast: "We stand by the law enforcement authorities who stand at the forefront of the battle against organized crime and in maintaining the rule of law.

We're convinced this act will not deter law enforcement officers who do their duty so that Israeli law abiding citizens can live safely and without fear.

"Violence in general and against law enforcement in particular is something we will not abide. We're sure the police will act to find those responsible quickly so we can prosecute them in the quickest, most severe manner."

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