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Friday, July 19, 2013

NYPD\DEA:11 Arrested, 4 Guns Seized In Another Rx Drug Bust, Involving Several Sheepshead Residents

N.Y. - They spoke over the phone in code, hooked up with a shady doctor to get painkiller prescriptions, and dealt pills and cocaine on Staten Island and in Brooklyn, authorities allege.

On Wednesday, federal and city officials announced they'd put a lid on an 11-person drug-dealing ring that included three Islanders.

The drug ring operated through three separate, overlapping drug conspiracies, according to city Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan.

Investigators linked the three conspiracies through two street-level drug traffickers from Brooklyn, Simon Berman 24, and Roman Vitkin, 25, and a nine-month wiretap investigation led to charges against both men, and nine others.

One of those conspiracies got oxycodone prescriptions from Dr. Zhanna Kanevsky, a Tottenville resident and Sheepshead Bay physician swept up in a tangentially connected drug bust, according to authorities.

Dr. Kanevsky, who's already on state Health Department probation for a fraud-related conviction, wrote scripts to phony patients for about 100,000 oxycodone pills, prosecutors allege.

Some of those prescriptions went to Bella Zelenaya of Brooklyn, who supplied Berman, authorities allege.

Berman and Vitkin also bought cocaine through another drug-dealing group that involved three Islanders, prosecutors allege.

The duo was supplied by Anna Gleyzerman, 28, of Willow Lane in Bay Terrace, and her boyfriend, Felikis Mazor of Brooklyn, according to prosecutors. Mazor, meanwhile, got his drugs from Paul Santiago, 29, of Mapleton Avenue in Midland Beach, and a third Islander, Alina Soroka of Normalee Road, also sold cocaine as part of the conspiracy, prosecutors allege.

Police caught Santiago with a half-pound of cocaine in his trunk in a Toys "R" Us parking lot in Brooklyn in April, and when they searched his house in Midland Beach, they found three guns and drug paraphernalia, prosecutors allege.

And when they raided Mazor's home, with Ms. Gleyzerman and a 2-year-old child present, authorities found an AK-47-style assault rifle, 5 ounces of cocaine, nearly a pound of marijuana and $6,400 in cash, prosecutors allege.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration headed up the nine-month investigation, with help from the Amtrak Police and the NYPD.

Said Ms. Brennan, "These intersecting criminal organizations bought and sold addictive pain pills as freely as they dealt cocaine.

The four firearms seized during this investigation demonstrate the potential for violence that is always present in the drug trade."

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