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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rabbi Offers Food, Hope For Homeless In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA - A unique rabbi has turned Tuesdays in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park into something special for the homeless and needy.

For the past three years, Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin of Chabad House in West Lost Angeles has walked the park, giving food to those in need, and offering encouragement.

“What is so important is for everybody to understand: we are all responsible, one for the other,” Rabbi Cunin said. “You see a person hungry, feed them.”

Well-balanced meals, including foods like salmon, dried fruits, beans, and rice, are prepared at the Chabad House kitchen. Rabbi Cunin then personally delivers to the food to a shelter in Santa Monica and to the homeless on the street.

Rabbi Cunin, who is the director of West Coast Chabad, delivers the food to many familiar faces on the street, and offers words of encouragement to the needy, such as “God bless you” and “Don’t ever lose hope”.

The preparation of the food is heavily supported by donations.

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