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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anthony Weiner spent more than $45K on Private Investigator to investigate his own 2011 lie that his Twitter account had been hacked

Anthony Weiner brazenly spent more than $45K from his Congressional campaign funds to hire Private Investigator to investigate his own lie that his Twitter account was hacked in 2011, it has been revealed.

Weiner paid T&M Protection Services with his campaign donors' funds and ordered the investigators to track down the 'hackers' who 'broke into his Twitter account' and sent lewd photos.

Weiner's story about his account being hacked was, of course, a lie and he knew it at the time. For a week and a half, he maintained that he did not send the suggestive pictures posted to his Twitter account in May 2011.

The New York Daily News reports that Weiner hired the private investigators in an attempt to cover his tracks - spending $43,100 from his campaign warchest on a wild goose chase.

He also paid law firm BakerHostetler to investigate the matter - though the exact amount spent on the bogus hunt. He paid the firm more than $93,000 for legal services between January 2010 and December 2012, but not all of that money went to the sexting investigation.

'They’ll be looking into whether someone had my password,' he explained to CNN at the time.

He insisted that the investigators would get to the bottom of the matter and figure out who had attempted to besmirch Weiner's good name.

Within days, though, more sexts from the New York Congressman emerged - along with women who said he had sent them the explicit images - despite his beautiful wife Huma Abedin being pregnant with the couple's son.

Weiner's story quickly eroded. First he conceded that the pictures might be of him - but he maintained that he hadn't sent them.

Then, finally - a week and a half after the first message emerged - he admitted that he had sexted with six women before and after he got married. He resigned on June 16, bowing to intense pressure from House Democrats.

After two years in relative seclusion, Weiner reemerged this spring as a leading candidate for mayor of New York.

It appears that bid is falling flat, as well.

Last week, it emerged that he had sent sexually explicit messages to Sydney Leathers, a 23-year-old Indiana woman, well after he resigned from Congress and sought therapy.

He kept up the relationship with the woman until last year - even as he was preparing to mount his comeback and re-enter public life.

The New York Times reports that Weiner's campaign manager Danny Kedem quit the weekend - seeking to distance himself from Weiner's failing candidacy.

Weiner, for his part, has vowed to stick with the campaign - despite mounting pressure for him to pull out.

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