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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Russia: Chabad Rabbi Shot at Short Range

The emissary of Hasidic movement Chabad to the city of Derbent in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, was shot by anonymous assailants on Wednesday night, sustaining serious wounds.

According to Russian reports, Rabbi Ovadia Isakov was shot near his home while returning from a ritual slaughter. A medical crew evacuated the rabbi to a local hospital.

The incident took place in an area located on the border of Chechnya, which includes a large Muslim population, prompting local police to look into the option that the rabbi was attacked for being Jewish.

Chabad officials have been attempting to fly Rabbi Isakov to Israel for further treatment.

An official at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said the ministry was familiar with the incident after receiving a report from the Israeli Embassy in Russia.

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