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Friday, July 26, 2013

FedEx worker caught on video tossing boxes

NEW YORK - Cellphone video captured a FedEx driver in midtown Manhattan casually heaving stacks of boxes into her truck, even allowing a celebrity shot from a non-FedEx employee off the street and later sharing a chuckle with that man.

But the humor in their Hail Marys turned a little darker -- or disappeared altogether -- for those who routinely ship with the carrier.

"Well, if I had a box in there, I would certainly be angered," one man said.

"Who knows how many other workers are doing it," said another.

Speaking outside of boxes now, the catching of this strong-armed truck-loader by a regular Joe with a cell phone may represent a trend in itself.

"In this world of social media," Greystone Recruiting Vice President Tim St. Clair said. "It takes one moment and you're sort of not famous, but infamous."

St. Clair recognizes anyone on the job as an extension of their employer's brand and said -- like it or not -- companies now have more unpaid consultants enforcing that brand than ever before.

"Someone's watching you," St. Clair said. "Someone's going to be focusing in on you and if you make a mistake or if you do something stupid like throw boxes in the back of the van, you're going to get in trouble. Someone's going to see it. And then it's going to go viral. And then from a parent company point of view, there's going to be some serious issues from a PR standpoint."

Texting bus drivers, bird-flipping delivery men and TV tossers, beware.

The vigilante publication and worldwide reaction the FedEx video forced that company to announce its disappointment and promise to discipline an employee whose actions might otherwise have gone undetected.

But thanks to the Internet and the sneaky camera-phone-man who shot the video and posted it to YouTube, FedEx knows, we know and employees wearing different uniforms just might know: Goofing off when bosses aren't around won't guarantee escaping punishment.

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