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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New York - Sephardic Jew To Announce Bloomerg-Style Entry Into Mayor's Race

Jack Hidary

New York - High-rolling New York technology executive Jack D. Hidary is set to throw his hat into the mayor’s race on Wednesday in what insiders are calling a “Bloomberg-style” candidacy.

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that in announcing his candidacy as an Independent, Hidary will hit the ground running, having already assembled a virtual “who’s who” of seasoned politicos and Washington insiders to direct his campaign, including; top advisor, Joe Trippi, who previously ran Howard Dean’s White House bid; Bloomberg’s campaign finance lawyer Kenneth A. Gross; Clinton media consultant Richard Strauss; and Campaign Grid, the firm that successfully guided Chris Christie into the governorship in New Jersey.

In admitting that he has personally funded his high-priced staff, Hidary said the he is entering the race because, “There is a clear message from the voters: they are not satisfied with the current set of choices.”
Hidary has already begun fundraising, and says he doesn’t view his late entry into the race as a handicap due to the fact that most New Yorkers don’t start paying close attention to the race until after the Democratic and Republican primaries in September.

While many of the city’s larger political entities have already placed their endorsements, Hidary feels he can still win in November due to strong ties within New York’s Jewish community—-more pointedly Brooklyn’s Sephardic neighborhoods where he grew up—-and an Obama-style IT approach that will allow him to reach millions of New Yorkers electronically.

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