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Monday, June 17, 2013

Chareidi Soldier Verbally Assaulted in Bnei Brak

Another chareidi soldier has complained of being singled out for being a soldier in the IDF. He explains that while walking with family members in Bnei Brak, he became the victim of verbal assault for serving in the military. 

He is quoted by Kikar Shabbat saying “I feel uncomfortable walking around in uniform in Bnei Brak” but he is compelled to do so in line with IDF regulations. Officials in the IDF Intelligence Corps are considering revising regulations to accommodate chareidi soldiers due to incidents such as this one.

The soldier reports it was especially embarrassing for him that he children were witness to the ugly words leveled at him.

Officials in the Intelligence Corps last week told members of the chareidi media that in all likelihood they will permit soldiers from the chareidi sector to travel in civilian clothes instead of a uniform to avoid such occurrences. In the meantime, the campaign against ‘chardakim’ continues.

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