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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cleveland - Reports Of "Lurker" Have Cleveland Heights Jewish Community On Alert

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS -- Cleveland Heights Police are searching for a man who is reportedly driving around and making obscene, lewd gestures at children.

The first incident happened late last week, in the vicinity of Taylor Road and Severance Town Center.

Officers have received several calls of the incident happening again in other parts of town, including Sunday evening on Bendemeer Road.

Since the first report last week, many rumors about what's happening have begun to circulate on Facebook and social media.

In fact, Channel 3 received phone calls and emails from concerned neighbors on Monday of an attempted child luring or abduction.

Police say so far, there have been no reports of luring, or of someone physically trying to grab a child.

But the Cleveland Heights Police Department is looking for a white man with dark hair, driving a silver crossover or small SUV, with temporary tags.

Police have not gone into detail as to the kind of lewd gestures the suspect is making.

Neighbors in one community say they've seen more police cars patrolling the streets.

"If something happens in this neighborhood, everybody knows. Everybody watches," says Rabbi Sruly Wolf.

Rabbi Wolf often acts as a community liaison between the police and the Orthodox Jewish community in Cleveland Heights.

He says the goal is not to create panic; in fact the area where the sightings have happened is generally a safe, family-oriented neighborhood.

"Our main emphasis is to spread around the community that if something happens, call the police. The police response time is literally two minutes or sooner," said Rabbi Wolf.

Rabbi Wolf says announcements were made in synagogues over the weekend, as a precaution for people to look out for their children.

Especially right now, when so many children are playing outside during the summertime.

"The children should be safe. That's all of our concern. A stranger shouldn't be stopping and talking to children," said Rabbi Wolf.

Anyone with information on the suspect or vehicle is asked to call Cleveland Heights Police.

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