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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rockland County, NY - Sheriff Lou Falco: Grand Rebbe Paid for Sheriff’s Overtime Costs at Wedding

Rockland County, NY - Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco went on the offensive this week when questioned by journalists as to whether or not taxpayers may have unwittingly picked up the $12,621 overtime security tab at the wedding of the daughter of the grand rebbe at RCC earlier this year.

The ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES Reports that a bristling Falco admitted to hearing speculation that some “shenanigans” had taken place with regard to preferential treatment being extended to the grand rebbe, but vehemently denied any such practice exists.

Falco said he can provide paperwork “proving” that “each and every penny” was paid for “in full” by wedding organizers who put on the event.

“People are accusing me of catering to the Hasidic community, which I don’t,” Falco said.

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