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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dutch-Israeli teacher suspected of molesting Jewish pupils in Amsterdam

Denmark - Dutch police are asking for help from Israeli officials in investigating the case of a former teacher who is accused of molesting students at an Orthodox Jewish school, and who fled to Israel before police could arrest him. ( reports that the fugitive, identified only as Ephraim S., was fired from his teaching position at the Cheider school in Buitenveldert for “inappropriate conduct” after a number of complaints were filed with police.

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, chief interprovincial rabbi of Holland and a board member for the school, said the school was extra-careful in adhering to all laws regarding such cases.

Rabbi Jacobs, who spoke to JTA, said that from the outset the school “consulted the lawbook” and did “everything in accordance” so nothing was “swept under the carpet.”

Upon the filing of the complaints, and before an arrest warrant could be issued, Ephraim S. immediately fled for Israel, where sources say he currently continues to teach privately.

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