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Monday, June 17, 2013

Reports in Syria: Israel attacked another airport

News outlets affiliated with the Syrian opposition estimated that a massive explosion heard Sunday night at the Al-Maza military airport west of Damascus area was the result of an Israeli attack.

The reports quoted opposition activists as saying that the blast at the Al-Maza neighborhood bore the hallmarks of an explosion that rocked the outskirts of Damascus in May. Foreign news agencies said that explosion was part of an Israeli airstrike.
"My house overlooks the airport. At a certain point we saw armored vehicles enter the airport," an opposition source said. "They were probably equipped with mobile radar systems. Then we heard the sound of a missile striking the vehicles. It was the same sound we heard in Mount Qasioun (site of the alleged airstrike in May)."

Another eyewitness said: "The explosion was like a volcano. The flames reached the sky. The sound was the same one that was heard in Qasioun."

Various reports published Sunday night said the explosion in Al-Maza occurred when rebels detonated two car bombs. The Syrian regime said it was an attempt by "terrorists" to attack the military airport.

According to foreign reports, Israel attacked Syria twice within a few days in the beginning of May. 

President Bashar Assad's regime claims the airstrikes targeted a military research center, but the West believes Israel targeted Iranian weapons systems that were designated for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Since then, senior Syrian officials said the country would re

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