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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Savannah Dietrich, Sex-crime victim could be jailed for tweeting her attackers' names

Kentucky girl who was sexually assaulted now faces jail time for talking about it publicly.

Savannah Dietrich, 17, could be locked up on contempt-of-court charges for tweeting the names of her attackers after they allegedly got a sweetheart plea bargain, according to a published report.

Dietrich, who was molested while passed out at a party by the sick creeps, told the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper that she was outraged because the boys were given a deal that she thinks is “very, very light.”

The judge in the case had further protected the sex fiends by placing a gag order that barred Dietrich from talking about what happened to her.

“I was crying as she [the judge] was reading that,” Dietrich said. “They got off very easy . . . and they tell me to be quiet, just silencing me at the end.”

But she tweeted her attackers' names anyway, and now faces time behind bars for violating the order.

“There you go, lock me up,” tweeted Dietrich, who agreed that her name be made public although she is a sex-crime victim. “I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell.”


  1. Why isn't Savannah protected? She is 17 years old,a minor. Max

  2. If anyone has the names of these guys I will happily post them again. Enough with our justice system being f*ing retarded! Victims have to pay and pay and PAY! While the criminals get to get fed and free counseling! What a pile of shit!

  3. It is more than the boys.

    Will Frey, Jr., Ron Zehnder, and Paul W. Richwalsky, Jr.(prosecutor) all graduated from Trinity High School in Louisville. Trinity High School's "Catholic culture provides a solid foundation for the development of responsible and benevolent young men with strong moral values." This is a direct quote from the school's web site. The school has let the criminals continue to be on the lacrosse team and to go play games out of state AFTER they pleaded guilty.

    Then there are judge Deana "Dee" McDonald and lawyers Chris Klein and David S. Mejia. McDonald issued the illegal order and Klein and Mejia wanted it used to jail Savannah Dietrich.

    The boys are Will Frey III and Austin Zehnder.

  4. I almost forgot. The Freys live less than 2 miles from judge McDonald's address (the commonwealth of Kentucky says that it is her mailing address).