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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Jewish woman finds swastikas drawn on apartment

Pictured above is a screen grab from video footage recorded of the defacing of the outside of the Spanish Oaks apartment. (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A 76-year-old woman says she is the victim of a hate crime after multiple swastikas were found drawn on the outside of her West Ashley apartment.

"He (the suspect) can rot in jail as far as I'm concerned!" said Estelle Whitney.

Whitney says she discovered the offensive markings outside her Spanish Oaks apartment after returning from brunch with a friend on Sunday afternoon.

"There were five. There were five swastikas on my wall," said Whitney.

Whitney took pictures before maintenance crews painted over the swastikas.

"I have no idea who would do it. I don't know anybody across the street. I don't know anybody this side," said Whitney.

Whitney has placed a sign about the incident near her building. She has also notified police in hopes that the suspect will be caught.

"To have it happen here in my backyard and then me and my roommates all being Jewish, it's just kind of unsettling," said neighbor, Josh Clayton.

Clayton doesn't know Whitney personally, but isn't happy someone would disrespect a neighbor.

"What did that accomplish by putting some hate symbols on the side of her house? Nothing," Clayton said.

Whitney is originally from Paris, France and has lived in Charleston for more than a decade. She says this is the first time she's been targeted by a hate crime but hopes it's the last.

"Nothing annoys me more than ignorant people because they maybe don't even know what it means."

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