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Friday, July 27, 2012

NY1 reporter attacked by deranged woman wearing bedsheet

                               Vivian Lee was attacked Friday morning in Brooklyn

A crazed woman attacked NY1 reporter Vivian Lee as she covered a story in Brooklyn this morning, police sources said.

Theresa Casivant, 24, allegedly climbed into Lee’s van on Clinton and Baltic Street in Cobble Hill about 7 a.m., and bizarrely began putting on Lee’s makeup, sources said. Lee confronted her, and Casivant allegedly punched her in the throat, sources added.

Police came to the scene, and took Casivant into custody, sources said. Charges are pending, and she is expected to also undergo a psychiatric evaluation at an area hospital.

Lee suffered a minor throat injury, sources added. She was in Cobble Hill reporting on the death of Richard L. Schwartz, a resident who was killed after getting hit with falling bricks and scaffolding when scaffolding struck Christ Church on Clinton Street.


  1. Ugly gook glad she got popped in the neck.

  2. Mike Bloomberg and Chuck Schmuer said "We are going to ask the city council and the US senate to BAN sheets and have a "NO SHEET ZONE" thus Muslims will not be able to walk around with a sheet on their heads

  3. Who cares about Vivian Lee just an arrogant gook with a snobbish attitude and terrible reporting attributes.

  4. Vivian, what do you expect when you confront someone with stupid questions like "What's your issue"? If you really want a good story and a story to possibly help someone. Why don't you interview Ms. Casivant and find out the true story behind why she lost her kids, why she is living on the streets. Do some good and help her. Not everyone is a bad person, she's had a lot of bad luck. She does have family who cares but did not know how to get in touch whith her or how to find her son Jakob. Start there.....