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Monday, July 30, 2012

Israel - Bill to ban fur sales, except for streimels

Israel - A Knesset bill introduced late last week would forbid most sales of fur in Israel. Animal rights activists praised the legislation.

Unlike a measure Tirosh proposed in 2011, which received heavy opposition particularly from fur hat proprietors in the haredi community, the current measure would allow the sale of fur needed for science or to follow traditional customs or express cultural identity. No fur is produced in Israel.

“Fighting for people’s consciousness is a daily undertaking, and this legislation may yet save millions of animals,” Jane Halevy, executive director and founder of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, said. “It’s time to do this at last and finally end the fur trade in Israel. Such legislation should gain immense respect for Israel and its citizens.”

The text of the bill explains that there is no longer any necessity for fur, as synthetic fabrics heat much more efficiently, and fur is now simply a fashion item and status symbol. A ban on the sale of fur within Israel would provide animals protection according to the Animal Welfare Law, and would be in accordance with the values of human compassion and Judaism, the bill text says.

The fur industry uses millions of animals every year – animals that spend their lives in tiny mesh cages and quickly face death, according to the Anti-Fur Coalition.

Source:  Jerusalem Post

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