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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Charged With Terroristic Threats At Orthodox Jewish Summer Camp

From left: Tyler Cole Spencer, Mark Trail and Cassandra Robertson are accused of terrorizing a Jewish camp in Pennsylvania

CLINTON TOWNSHIP- Not once, not twice, but three times investigators say this Jewish summer camp was terrorized in Wayne County.

The Wayne County District Attorney says that earlier this month 5 individuals ethnically intimidated campers while driving onto Camp Bonim near Waymart and wreaking havoc.

District Attorney Janine Edwards said,”They caused various property damage, chased campers in the truck through the camp, yelled, ethnic slurs that are unspeakable, and also shot a paintball gun at some campers hitting one with a paintball gun.”

Police have charged Tyler Spencer, 18, from Tennessee, along with two other adults — Mark Trial, 21, and Cassandra Roberston, 18, both of Wayne County — and two juveniles. They’re facing charges of a slew of charges including assault, vandalism, and terroristic threats.

The whole situation has upset those at Camp Bonim. Head elementary counselor Isaac Pearl said, “It`s unfortunate that people might come in here and because we might be slightly different from everybody else that gives them the right to do things that are just incorrect.”

Police caught up with the suspects after a separate incident where spencer hit a camp counselor with his truck at the turkey hill in Honesdale. He took off but was stopped in Delaware County, New York.

Campers and counselors that have been coming here for decades say now that the suspects are in custody, they hope things get back to normal here in Clinton township.

Pearl said, “For sure, it was definitely stressful until we heard they were apprehended.”

They hope justice is served, while they focus on more important issues, and return to more peaceful times.

Head high school counselor Michael Verkowitz said,”We pray every day, we pray every day for peace in the whole world, and that includes every area in the world. “

Spencer’s bail is set at $200,000, while Trail and Robinson’s bail were set at $20,000 dollars. The two others are being handled in Juvenile Court.

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