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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chutzpah and More Chutzpah

The arrogance of the White House knows no boundaries. In light of the upcoming Romney trip to the Holy Land, and due to the fact that in his almost four years in office this President has never visited Israel (in spite of going to Egypt), Mr. Obama is telling the Jewish community that in his second term he will take a trip to the Jewish State. Evidently, the President is of the opinion that his re-election is a given. Secondly – and this is a bit unsettling – Obama is basically telling American Jews that if they re-elect him he will do them a favor and deign to visit Israel.

Why, thank you, sir.

Now for a lesson in Obama Economics: The President tells us that without government intervention there would be no business in this country. He cites the fact that government builds the roads that enable business to function. And, you see, there were those of us who were naïve enough to believe the opposite: that without taxes produced by the revenue from business there would be no roads.

How could we have believed that?!

BY Rabbi Yaakov Spivak

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