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Saturday, June 23, 2012

NYPD Cops' dramatic 'suicide' save

A suicidal and soaking-wet man was hauled to safety by New York Police Department officers on Friday after he plunged himself from the fifth floor of a Manhattan parking lot.

The dramatic rescue, captured in these frightening photographs, took place at about 7pm at East 30th Street and Fifth Avenue, according to The New York Post, just after heavy rain pummeled the city.

Police had been trying to talk the depressive man down from the edge for about 15 minutes before he suddenly launched forward.

Det. Sean Mulcahy said the man had told him 'life wasn’t good for him anymore', according to the newspaper.

But the group of about four brawny officers eventually pulled the jumper over the railing, saving him from certain death.

'That kid is so lucky,' witness Mirono Sarah told The Post.

He was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital on Friday night.

Two cops from the 14th precinct — Sgt. Daniel Lacalamita and police officer Philip Conti — as well as Sgt. Douglas Walden, police officer Joseph Wendler and Det. James Coll from the Emergency Services Unit also helped rescue the man


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