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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NY Post: Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes finally gets it

Isn’t it amazing what the glare of a news- media spotlight can do?

Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes — who’s been under fire for years over his questionable handling of child-sex-abuse cases involving the Orthodox Jewish community — has finally seen fit to file charges of witness intimidation.

This is the first time in fully two decades that Hynes has shown the wherewithal to bring a witness-intimidation case involving the politically powerful community.

This, despite the longtime insistence of victim advocates that such intimidation — involving everything from social ostracism in the tight-knit community to bribery to threats of violence — is a key obstacle to prosecuting pedophiles.

In this case, four Hasidic men are charged with offering a $500,000 bribe to a woman to withdraw allegations that a prominent community figure sexually abused her for years, starting when she was only 12.

As part of the arm-twisting, the four also allegedly brought about the removal of the kosher certification for a restaurant run by the woman’s boyfriend.

Hynes has long insisted that bringing such cases is too difficult, given the insular nature of the Orthodox community.

He’s used a similar excuse as the reason he refuses to publicly release the names of even those convicted of sex abuse, saying victims could easily be identified.

Last month, this page suggested that bringing even one successful case that results in a lengthy prison sentence would send a modest, but useful, message.

Within days, Hynes began changing his tune — comparing such intimidation to Mafia tactics and police corruption.

Now he’s finally brought charges.

Alas, that prosecution comes as Hynes suffers new embarrassment involving the same community: He’s dropping all charges in a rape case in the face of evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.

Four black men were locked up for 10 months after Hynes — with great public fanfare — charged them with raping and pimping out a young Orthodox girl for nearly a decade.

Then it turned out the head of Hynes’ sex-trafficking unit had failed to turn over a police report that the complainant had recanted some of the allegations. The prosecutor resigned in the wake of questions from an ethics probe.

Hynes certainly is showing that the years-long criticism of his office’ s conduct — which also includes suspiciously lenient plea bargains — has finally hit home.

And his latest actions are as welcome as they are overdue.

Little steps for little feet, Mr. DA.

But keep it up.

1 comment:

  1. Equality for everyone? And, you think Hynes finally got it? Why did it take two decades for Hynes to bring a witness “intimidation” case involving his friends-- the politically powerful in the “Jewish” community? There is a reason for Hynes reluctance to cast stones, for the simple fact that the art of intimidation over the years has become Hynes own disgraceful forte.
    Remember the details of the now deceased Judge John Philips who had served the Brooklyn Judiciary honorably for 13 years and around the age 70 decided to challenge Joe Hynes for his seat in 2001. Judge Philip became a political fatality from years of Joe Hynes’ and his comrades’ “intimidation” and he was not the only one. Hynes, his agents and his friends in the judiciary “intimidated” Judge Philip to death, literally.
    Hynes carry a mix bag, however, using Black men as scapegoats, like the four men that were locked up for 10 months or depending on the circumstances hard working black men who rise, professionally and financial only to be toppled by a diabolical current that is threatened by Black men power, money or intelligence---wallow! Here comes Hynes to the rescue, doing the bidding of YHWH.
    What happened to Judge Philip, a self –made Black man with a multi-million dollar estate, at the hands of Joe Hynes and his cohorts; earn Hynes and his co-conspirators a place in Dante’s Hell. Hynes asked his friend, Judge Michael Pesce, to declare Judge Philip mentally incompetent, resulting in the freezing of the Judge Philip assets and deliberately forcing him into destitution.
    If Hynes, et al were not cowards and if they thought they could get away with it, Judge Philip would have been ordered before a firing squad, instead they murdered him slowly. Under Hynes, Judge Pesce, his guardian, Emani P. Taylor and others, watched as the Judges $10 Million estate vanished, basically looted, just to prevent the Judge from challenging him. Not only was this criminal, this was pure evil at work. They even stopped Judge Philip’s pension and social security checks and ran his estate into a $2 million deficient. Listen up folks, this took place in the USA.
    Hynes is responsible for killing the Judge slowly using barbaric tactics—physical and mental intimidation and for that he ought to burn in hell. (See the Brooklyn Ink article, “A Life in Court: Friendship and Corruption Inside the Brooklyn System.”) While Judge Philip was being destroyed, the appointed guardian of Judge Philip estate, Emani P. Taylor, looted over $1 million from him, yet, Hynes refused to prosecutor her.
    As noted, Hynes and his judiciary connections took down Judge Philip, and as a creature of habit, he went after Clarence Norman, supposedly for selling judgeship; mind you, the judges in question, did more for Hynes than they did for Norman otherwise he would not have done time. Hynes destroyed his reputation and career. What was the deal he offered Clarence Norman? "Tell us who bought judgeships and I will go easy on you." Can you believe it? I bet YHWH ordered Clarence Norman’s prosecution as well.
    The point is, both men suffered from conjured up offensives that could only rise from neurotic and sadistic minds, whereas their alleged offensives, was the exercising of their God-given mind and talent were nil compared to than the sleazy sexual perverted Jews who dilly their own children and then threaten the victims while Hynes stood by for decades looking for scapegoats to bully. It’s said one is judged by the company one keeps, so if kiddy sex is the main course for Hynes’ Chosen comrades and their Rabbis, well then, how can he not smell from the stink?
    Did Hynes have a straight face when he, as noted in the above article of “comparing such intimidation to Mafia tactics and police corruption.” Shall we laugh now or later? This is what happens when a DA hangs out too long in the wilderness trying to secure votes and favors from Moses--he returned deluded and his morality become increasingly skewed, according to Freud even with a therapist, the condition can be everlasting.