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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Divorce judge Paul Escandon ‘bias’ outrage


It’s divorce, Jersey style.

A band of angry ex-wives from the moneyed suburbs of the Garden State are joining forces to bring down Monmouth County Judge Paul Escandon, who they claim favors their rich and sometimes crooked hubbies — in one case, giving a confessed mob killer custody of his three kids.

“The fact that he awarded custody to a violent felon, ex-mobster turned informant shows he did not consider the safety and well-being or best interest of my children,” Patricia Pisciotti told The Post.

Pisciotti, 42, divorced her husband Nicholas “P.J.” Pisciotti, 42 — an acting Bonanno capo under Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano — in 2006, and was given joint custody of their three kids.

After her ex was arrested in 2007, Pisciotti said she sought and was granted sole custody. But in post-divorce proceedings under Escandon this year, Pisciotti said her son and two daughters were taken from her and given to P.J., despite his 2007 testimony that he and an associate “probably” killed Bonanno associate Richard Guiga in a bar fight in the mid-1990s.

At least 10 women told The Post that Escandon has a mysterious beef against the opposite sex, in many cases shutting them out of their marital homes, reducing them to poverty, and taking their kids away from them.

“I am fighting against a corrupt judge named Paul X. Escandon,” Rachel Alintoff wrote to Gov. Chris Christie and other lawmakers.

Alintoff said she lost custody of her 2-year-old, Hayden, in Escandon’s court last year — without a required legal hearing, she claims — after her husband, Wall Streeter Bryan Alintoff, claimed she was a “flight risk.”

An Appellate Court summarily reversed Escandon’s ruling in November, returning Hayden to his mom.

“Now, in an attempt for vengeance, Judge Escandon has put my son and I . . . [in] poverty by only granting us $12,000 a year while my husband made over $500,000 last year as a commodities trader,” she wrote.

Another woman who asked not to be identified said she has been denied a penny of her businessman husband’s millions because of Escandon, who she said is not enforcing an order for the husband to disclose his assets.

“Before I began in Monmouth County Court, I had some hope in the fairness of the system,” she wrote in a letter to the governor. “I no longer believe in the fairness and believe that my children and I have been victimized even further in this process.”

State judicial officials are considering a probe of Escandon, and two of the women said they have been contacted by the FBI.

The judge came to Christie’s attention last month, when Alintoff confronted the governor at a town-hall meeting.

“We need to put people on the court who understand that their job is to interpret the law, and not to make the law,” Christie said at the time.

Escandon, 47, a former defense attorney, was appointed to a seven-year term in 2010 by then-Gov. Jon Corzine. He makes $165,000 a year.

Escandon refused to comment outside his home in posh Loch Arbour.

“I really can’t discuss my cases,” he said.

Meanwhile, a blog, — created by Alintoff’s father, Dr. Merny Schwartz — now urges spurned wives to reach out to officials about the judge’s alleged misdeeds.

These fivewomen are part of a group that has banded together, claiming Judge Paul Escandon unfairly ruled in their husbands’ favor.

Paula Diaz Antonopoulos Wolfe

She’s trying to convince Escandon—who she claims fell asleep during her court proceeding — to increase visitation time with her daughter.

Rachel Alintoff

She’s saddled with thousands of dollars of debt after Escandon granted her and her son only $1,000a month from her husband.

Jennifer Glovich

Her ex stormed into her house and took their daughter in violation of a court order, she said. Escandon “lets my husband do these things.”

Tameka Hunt Maurice

Escandon refused to grant her overnight visits with her sons, despite claims that her husband struck her three times in front of witnesses.

Laurie DiBiagio

Escandon denied her request for a restraining order from her Wall Streeter ex, despite claims that he had been harassing her.



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