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Friday, December 20, 2013

Bolivia Investigating If Chief Of Police On Same Flight As Jacob Ostreicher

Santa Cruz - Allegations have surfaced that Bolivian National Chief of Police Walter Villarpando was on the same flight that removed Jacob Ostreicher from Bolivia.

El Diario reports that allegations from third parties state that Villarpando was on the flight from Santa Cruz to La Paz, before Ostreicher then boarded another flight to the U.S.

Ostreicher was mysteriously removed from Bolivia and flown back to the U.S. this week.

Maida Paz(CN) has submitted a request to the Ministry of Public Works for the passenger list to see if Villarpando was on the flight.

The head of the Movement Caucus Toward Socialism (MAS ) in the House of Representatives, Flora Aguilar, supported the request for the report.

The Government Minister Carlos Romero, revealed that the official report of Boliviana de Aviacion, notes that Friday the 13th, Flight 661 from Santa Cruz heading to El Alto International Airport, Oestreicher arrived in the city of La Paz at 7.30 AM, taking the seat 76 of the passenger list, with the passage code BM-045.

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