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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jerusalem - Charedim Attack Again Charedi IDF Soldier

Jerusalem - Israeli police say an ultra-Orthodox soldier has been accosted in a religious Jerusalem neighborhood - in a sign of anger over plans to begin drafting religious men into the army.

Ultra-Orthodox men are exempt from military service. Men who choose to serve in the army are frequently shunned by their communities. In Thursday’s incident, police say a vehicle full of ultra-Orthodox men yelled curses and threw objects at the soldier as he was walking on Shmuel Hanavi Street.

Anger has been rising as the Israeli government prepares to begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men. Israel’s Channel 2 reported that 80 such attacks have taken place in the last few months. Neither army nor police spokesmen could confirm that number.

The soldier was not injured and was rescued by the police.

A similar incident occurred in the capital on Tuesday.

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