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Monday, June 17, 2013

Paris - Fears Fois Gras Banning Will Lead to Shechita Banning

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Menachem Cohen, chief rabbi of Paris, France is arguing that Israel's proposed banning of fois gras may have unintended consequences for the status of kosher meat in Europe. 

The rabbi wrote a letter to Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir concerning the popular French goose liver delicacy. 

He stated in several European countries, laws are being drafted to ban shechita the traditional kosher butchering of animals for meat. He argued that the banning of one type of food deemed inhumane could leads politicians to seek to ban all types of slaughtering practices deemed inhumane.

Rabbi Cohen said unlike in the past, where the procedure of fois gras was done in a manner injurious to geese, new methods have been developed that is not harmful to birds. The rabbi added that these new more humane methods are the ones utilized by countries exporting fois gras to Israel.

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