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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Head of Jerusalem yeshiva and teacher arrested after beating 3 young students

The head of a Jerusalem yeshiva and a teacher were arrested and charged with assault related charges after severely beating at least three young yeshiva students, according to police reports in Jerusalem, Israel.

The suspects were identified as the head of the “Noam HaTalmud” yeshiva located in the Shaarei Chesed neighborhood of Jerusalem, and a teacher in the yeshiva.

Police arrived on the scene after a complaint was filed by one of the students. 

The student called police after his teacher slapped him for no apparent reason. The teacher and the head of the yeshiva were arrested in front of their students.

The head of the yeshiva and the teacher were detained at a police station for several hours.

The head of the yeshiva and the teacher denied beating their students.

They were brought before a court in Jerusalem and a judge ordered both men to stay away from the yeshiva pending the completion of the case. They were also ordered to stay away from the three students they allegedly slapped.

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