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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Dirty Little Secrets That Meir Panim Doesn’t Want Their Donors To Know!

I recently received a call from a woman who inquired about our protection services because a judge in the state of Kansas awarded her a lifetime protection order against a high profile New York City Jewish man whose identity has been kept a secret until now.

Ashley Kovatchev details in a story to KCTV 5 News that when she met her ex-boyfriend, the connection was immediate.  

When the two fell in love when they began traveling the world together.  

She explained to me that her boyfriend, David Birnbaum, was the executive director of an Orthodox Jewish charity called Meir Panim.

According to their website, Meir Panim was building the largest food bank in the entire Middle East located in Kiryat Gat, Israel.  

He traveled around the world collecting large donations from Christian Zionist groups and always invited her to join along to witness the generosity of their donors.

Since Ashley was born and raised Christian, she was thrilled to be dating someone who was trying to make the world a better place.

She not only has provided us receipts that she paid for all her airfare and food on these charity trips, but she also provided us with receipts of her donations to his organizations.

After months of dating long distance and making multiple donations, Ashley was shocked to discover that David Birnbaum was actually married and had another girlfriend on the side.

She was also shocked to learn that her donation receipts were all using the same EIN# and receipt number.

They weren’t in compliance with the IRS codes.

So Ashley quietly ended the relationship but what happened next to her will come as a shock.

David Birnbaum would not accept her NO MEANS NO so began destroying her life and the people nearest to her.  

Documents show she received and documented up 165 threatening phone calls, texts, and emails per day.

Her kids were contacted, family members and clients were not left alone either.  

Anyone close to her received hateful lies about her.

At the same Birnbaum publically threatens her safety on social media pages, Ashley discovers a traces of trial versions of LogMeIn software.  

Birnbaum was caught logging on from the Meir Panim office through remote access.

He also created an email account and her prior text messages in her iPhone were changed.  

Those forensics reports along with other disturbing life threats got Birnbaum thrown in Reikers Island April 2014.  

He was then interstate transferred on a PRIVATE FLIGHT to the state of KS for felony stalking charges and bailed out for 15k bond.

He postponed the criminal trial as long as he could until eventually took the plea bargain and three months later was served a lifetime protection order.

Our findings show, Birnbaum continued to solicit funds while he stood trial and on parole.

Ashley reached out to us because the story hasn't stopped her.

The attacks caused her to lose her job and even her home.  

Her financial situation is dire while we watch him collect large donations from red carpet events.  

Her children live in safer environment away from her and this has caused hardship above and beyond.  

Meir Panim continues to send her pieces of mail and finding out where she lives.  

She continued to file police reports but the police are not equipped to handle the cyber capabilities that David Birnbaum and his organizations possess.

Maybe because a simple background check shows Mr. Birnbaum was the prior CEO of Intelligent Biometrics Security Solutions and other high tech companies.  

There is even a possibility that David Birnbaum is on the advisory board of  

Since the lifetime order, Ashley has an additional 600 accounts harassing her but all account are spoofed.   Of those 600 accounts, several of them are Jewish Charities all with fake websites and stolen EIN#'s.

This one woman's stalking story has led to discovery of Meir Panim and multiple other high profile charities are not who they say they are.

Over the next few weeks, TOT consulting will be uncovering massive charity fraud.  We sit on pile of evidence of Misleading solicitations, improper expenditure of money, improper activities of executors and board members, and money laundering.

Tune in for more.

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