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Friday, November 25, 2016

Top 25 Questions Meir Panim Donors Want Answered!

1.) Why do you hide a convicted felon on your payroll to solicit donations both online and red carpet events? Please disclosure of your entire employee’s” and dates of employment.
2.) Please provide a list of all food kitchens you own along with the psychical address? Also include building budgets allowances for all locations.
3.) Please explain the progress of the building in this video…
4.) Please explain how your organization cleaned this scandal up years ago….
5.) Explain this video made by Eagles Wings Robert Stearns and why he is claiming this is his food kitchen when everyone is wearing Meir Panim aprons? Is this Meir Panim’s kitchen or Robert Stearns? What kind of stunt is your charity trying to pull….
6.) Explain why Robert Stearns keeps calling up Meir Panim reps on GOD TV year after year but the check is always made out to non-registered organization? You’re not able to fool use donors.

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