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Friday, July 19, 2013

Woman, 27, to sue NYPD after police officer 'stole nude photos from her iPhone

A woman plans to sue the NYPD for invasion of privacy after an officer allegedly stole sexy photographs from her iPhone.

Pamela Held, 27, took nude photos of herself in provocative poses on her mobile phone to send to her boyfriend.

But when police seized her phone after stopping her for an alleged traffic violation, she claims officer Sean Christian found the raunchy images stored on her phone and sent them to his own mobile.

Ms Held, from Deer Park, Long Island, told the New YorkDaily News: 'It makes me sick. I don’t even want to think about what he’s done with them.'

Police sources told the Daily News that officer Christian, 41, is the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation stemming from Held’s complaint.

It comes after Ms Held was pulled over by five police officers on February 6 because her car didn't have an inspection sticker.

The officers found prescription drugs in her car so took both Ms Held and the friend she was travelling with to the police station.

When asked by officers where she had been that evening, she told them she had visited a friend and could prove it with text messages on her phone.

She then gave then her security pin number so they could look at the messages.

Ms Held said police officers then left the interview room with her mobile while she was processed for misdemeanor drug charges.

When her phone was returned to her, Ms Held claims the raunchy messages had been forwarded from her phone to an unknown mobile number.

She alleges that 20 nude photos and five videos were sent to the mobile number.

Ms Held then hired lawyer Richard Soleymanzadeh, whose private investigator traced the number on her mobile to police officer Sean Christian.

The NYPD Officer claims he never met Pamela Held and never worked for the 104th Precinct in Queens where Ms Held claims the breach took place.

Detectives who examined Christian’s phone records claim it does not appear his mobile ever received the photos or videos.

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