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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monsey - Numerous Reports Of Private Jet Flying 200 Feet Above Ground

Monsey - At about 8:30AM several Ramapo Police Officers observed amid-size twin engine jet with its landing gear down flying extremely low along the NYS Thruway from about Airmont Road to the Garden State Extension. 

The jet was seen by at least one officer flying very close to the Ramapo Police Headquarters.

The jet was described as a corporate type jet and was white in color. Officers estimate that the jet was between 200 and 500 feet off the ground at any given time. 

In addition Ramapo Police received phone calls from residents who had observed the jet as well. To some RPD officers it appeared that the jet was going to crash or attempt to land on the NYS TWAY.

Ramapo PD immediately contacted the FAA and the FAA advised that they were unaware of any jets with problems and were unable to identify the jet at that time. RPD has formally requested that the FAA investigate this matter.

In addition to requesting the FAA investigate this matter RPD notified Rockland County INTELL and the NYS Office of Homeland Security regarding this incident.

Ramapo PD is requesting that if any residents/businesses have video or photographs of the jet to please share it that immediately.

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