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Friday, June 7, 2013

NYPD Brass Furious At 911 Dispatcher For Laughing Off Murder Call Of Orthodox Woman

Brooklyn NY - The NYPD brass is said to be “furious” over an incident in which a 911 dispatcher “laughed” about a report called in by a NY shrink saying that it was possible one of his patients had murdered his girlfriend, and who then proceeded to erroneously report the facts of the call to responding officers.

The NEW YORK POST reports that the call turned out to be true, and that the body of the dead woman, Yvonne Geffner, was found four days later after neighbors complained of strange odors coming from her Brooklyn apartment.

Ronald Friedfertig was arrested Wednesday in the stabbing death of Geffner.

A copy of the 911 call reveals the dispatcher laughing openly about the call, while relaying misinformation to responding officers, who, based on that information, left the scene when no one answered their knock at Geffner’s apartment.

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