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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Israel Police welcome first haredi officer

Twenty-eight-year-old Y. is just weeks away from becoming the first haredi officer to serve in Israel's police force. "I call on young haredim who are not engaged in holy studies to join the police force or the army," he said Monday.

Y., a resident of Jerusalem and a married father of one, is currently in training at the police academy's officers course. He launched his professional career in 2010 when he volunteered for the police's civil service project.

"I didn't go to the army because I was studying at a yeshiva," he explains.

"At the age of 25 I began studying accounting. Because of my age I couldn't enlist in the army. I had the option of doing civil service under the Tal Law and jumped at the bargain."

He was then assigned to the police's banking unit and during his service finished his degree. At the end of 2012, he was offered a regular position at the police force.

"I derive great satisfaction at being the first haredi man in officers course," he says. "I certainly feel like a groundbreaker." Nevertheless, Y. preferred speaking anonymously. "I'm still part of the haredi sector and some people there might not upon this so kindly," he admitted.

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