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Monday, June 17, 2013

FBI, NYPD Search Queens Home in Mob Probe

FBI and NYPD organized crime investigators are searching a Queens home for possible human remains or other evidence in decades-old mob crimes, law enforcement sources say.

Authorities are at the home where the daughter of Jimmy Burke, of the Lucchese crime family, now lives.

Burke, who is no longer alive, was accused of helping plan the Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport, when $5 million in cash and more than $1 million in jewels were stolen.

Elements of the heist were incorporated into the film "Goodfellas."

Several Mafia hits were executed after the heist, as there were concerns that too many people were involved who could rat out other members of the crew.

Investigators were not saying which victim they were searching for Monday at the home on 102nd Road in Jamaica.

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