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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buenos Aires - Thieves Dressed As Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Rob Argentinian Bank

Buenos Aires, Argentina - A gang of thieves, two dressed as Orthodox Jewish rabbis and one as a security guard, brazenly robbed a Buenos Aires bank on Wednesday, fleeing in a car driven by a fourth man after cleaning out the contents of several bank deposit boxes.

The ARGENTINA STAR Reports that the early-morning hold-up took place in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, while the bank was full of customers.

According to police, the robber dressed in a bank security guard uniform pretended to be checking the the bank’s video surveillance, while the two phony rabbis subdued bank employees and bank customers.

A police spokesman said two of the robbers were disguised as “members of the Orthodox Jewish community,” with “black outfits, wide-brimmed hats, beards and curls.”

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