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Friday, June 7, 2013

NY - Warring Satmar Factions Unite For Rally Against The Draft In Israel

Brooklyn, NY - In a rare display of unity, both warring factions of the Satmar Hasidic movement will assemble in Manhattan’s Foley Square at 3 p.m. on Sunday to stage a joint rally protesting efforts by the Israeli government to draft ultra-Orthodox Israeli men into the IDF.

According to the Thursday issues of Der Yid and Der Blatt, the two weekly newspapers serving the Zalmonites and Aronites respectively, a deal has been reached between the two Satmar Hasidic factions and both Chasidims are now being urged to come join the unified protest.

In Israel, draft legislation was agreed upon earlier this week setting quotas for draft-eligible ultra-Orthodox men, while increasing the possibilities that criminal penalties will be enacted for those resisting the draft.

With this joint agreement in place, organizers now estimate that more than 20,000 will attend the event.

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