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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long-lost Nazi diary recovered in upstate N.Y. home

The long lost diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a high ranking Nazi official with close ties to Adolf Hitler, has surfaced in an upstate New York home.

The diary is expects to provide new insights into dealings between top Nazi officials and specific information about the looting of Jewish-owned art, according to media reports.

Some 400 pages from the ‘Rosenberg Diary’ could offer new details about meetings Rosenberg had with Hitler and other Nazi leaders, including Heinrich Himmlerand Herman Goring.

The pages also include details about the German occupation of the Soviet Union and Nazi plans to obliterate the Jewish people. The diary vanished after the war crimes trials, and only recently turned up in papers held by a one-time secretary to a Nuremburg prosecutor.

"The documentation is of considerable importance for the study of the Nazi era, including the history of the Holocaust," according to the assessment, prepared by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. 

"A cursory content analysis indicates that the material sheds new light on a number of important issues relating to the Third Reich's policy. The diary will be an important source of information to historians that compliments, and in part contradicts, already known documentation."

Rosenberg, a Nazi Reich minister who was convicted at Nuremberg and hanged in 1946, hand-wrote his recollections from spring 1936 to winter 1944, according to the museum's analysis.

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