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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brooklyn, NY - Fireworks Erupt In First Debate In DA's Race

Brooklyn, NY - Fireworks erupted at several points during last night’s first debate in Brooklyn’s hotly contested race for District Attorney, resulting in heated exchanges between sitting DA Charles Hynes and opponent Abe George, and hecklers repeatedly interrupting Hynes.

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS  reports that the forum took place at the Dining Room bar on Willoughby St. in Brooklyn, and was hosted by the Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century.

At one point, former Manhattan assistant DA, Abe George, 34, pointedly called Hynes a “liar” after Hynes made the statement that his office declines to prosecute cases involving possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Hynes responded by calling George “rude.”

Hecklers unleashed their ire on Hynes when the topic of “wrongful convictions” came up.

Orthodox Jewish advocate Mark Appel shouted “resign” at Hynes while he detailed his office’s role in freeing David Ranta after serving 23 years for killing a local rabbi.

The third candidate in the race, Kenneth Thompson, said the constant bickering between Hynes and George, along with the hecklers, prevented him from getting his own message out.

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