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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alleged perv who shot at Shomrim volunteers claims self defense

A man who shot four members of Boro Park Shomrim when they surrounded him after receiving numerous complaints of public lewdness, claimed self-defense at his trial Tuesday.

David Flores, 36, is charged with with attempted murder in the incident in September 2010

“They couldn’t wait for the police to arrive,” prosecutor Lindsay Ashwa said of the Shomrim Volunteers. “He had a loaded firearm. He was going to do anything he could to avoid being arrested for public lewdness.”

But defense lawyer Douglas Appel countered that his client didn’t draw his weapon until a mob of “Jewish Orthodox males” suddenly attacked him.

“They surrounded his car and they were banging on his windows,” said Appel. “They dragged him across the street and they were savagely beating him,” Appel claimed in opening arguments, noting no 911 calls were made until after shots have been fired.

“Please get me to the police, they’re trying to kill me,” a bloodied Flores purportedly told medics, Appel said.

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