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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Tehillim In One Hand, A Passport In The Other

The outbreak of anti-Semitic acts in New York and elsewhere indicate that the current economic crisis is fostering a climate more hostile to Jews than any time in recent memory. “Wall Street Banker” has become a euphemism for Jew.

The burning of cars on Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway, the swastikas plastered in Jewish neighborhoods and on signs in Zucotti Park, conjure up images of a Europe in the 1930s.

I write this with a feeling of gratitude toward America for all the kindness and opportunities it has extended to Jews, especially in the past century and a half.

At the same time I am worried about the growing attitude of entitlement expressed by masses of people in this country, an attitude that has turned them against any individual or group that has realized success because of hard work and determination.

One cannot argue with a mob, and many in this country are gravitating toward mobs.

Every Jew should feel great loyalty and gratitude toward America.

That does not mean that the US will be an everlasting haven for Jews.

Jewish history in other countries at earlier times demonstrates that the only thing constant about Jewish security is that it is ephemeral.

In trying times Jews recite Tehillim, prayers from the Book of Psalms.

We now have an Israel. Perhaps now is not a bad time for a Jew to have a Tehillim in the right hand and a passport in the left.

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  1. well said, the way anti smeistim is going last few weeks it will end up like ww2 the jews will be driven out of this country, im making an anliya to israel this month ime"h lets hope moshiaich comes before but its realy scary whats starting to happen here!!!