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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Corvettes plus one set of lights and two idiot drivers equals 1 nasty accident

Revving on red: The Corvettes prepare to do battle in a suburb of Houston

It's a familiar scene, two testosterone-fuelled drivers line up at a set of traffic lights and prepare to settle who is the best in a drag race.

As children and cyclists cross the road in The Woodlands, Houston, the drivers of the $40,000 C5 Corvette and $45,000 C6 Corvette revved their engines as they waited for the lights to change.

Both cars accelerate rapidly as the lights switch green, racing across the junction side by side.

But as the video footage shows, instead of one motorist emerging triumphant, both were left red-faced as one lost control, swerved into the other and sent both of them crashing into trees.

Gerod Rush, 29, who recorded the footage last Thursday, posted it on YouTube under the title 'Two Turkeys on Thanksgiving wrecking their Corvettes in The Woodlands'.

He told 'They were driving like idiots a mile before and then pulled up to a red light, revving their engines at each other.

I had a feeling that I knew what was going to happen next.

Mr Rush said he believed the two cars were travelling at nearly 60mph when the Corvette on the right lost traction, swerved and smashed into the other vehicle.

The impact sent both cars off the road before coming to an abrupt halt. No one was killed in the crash, but it is not known if the drivers were injured.

Mr Rush added: 'I noticed before, when they were going at it just earlier, that the right-side car's back tyre was losing traction.

So when he hard-accelerated at the light, he lost traction and then lost control.'
Authorities are now examining the footage to see whether any charges are brought on either driver.

If either was injured, they could face Class B misdemeanors or felonies

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