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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Israel's chief rabbi allows import of goose meat that tastes of pig

Decision: Israel's Chief Rabbi, centre, has agreed to allow goose meat with a taste of pork to be imported to the country

Israel’s chief rabbi is to allow the import of pork products into the country.

Yona Metzger's office has said that it will allow the import of an organic goose grown in Spain which tastes like pork.

The taste has been verified by three non-Jewish chefs.

Metzger's office says that Jewish religious law does not forbid the eating of goose, no matter what it tastes like.

They say that as long as the animal is slaughtered in a way according to Jewish ritual then it is OK to eat.

Spokesman Avi Blumenthal said Metzger is eager to begin the importing of the meat as soon as the geese reach slaughtering weight.

He said the rabbi would see that it passes 'all the rabbinical kosher authorities to make sure it gets to Israel.

Secular Israelis have long enjoyed pork at non-kosher restaurants and the meat has long been on sale at non-Kosher shops.

Some communities have a ban on its sale though while there have been protests at some shops that sell pork.

The protests have taken place because Jewish dietary law strictly forbids eating pork.

According to the laws, in order for a meat to Kosher it must come from an animal that means the Kosher rules.

These are the animal must be ruminant and have split hooves.

Ruminant animals chew food once and swallow, before regurgitating it and chewing again.

Animals that Jews can eat include cows, sheep, goats and deer.

They cannot eat pigs despite the fact it has split hooves because it is not a ruminant animal.

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