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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Queens private investigator Jerry Ramrattan guilty in rape,

Seemona Sumasar, with picture of ex-boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan in background at 2010 news conference,

A Queens private eye was convicted Wednesday of raping his ex-girlfriend and framing her for a series of bogus gunpoint robberies that landed her in a Long Island lockup for seven months.

After two days of deliberations, the Queens jury found Jerry Ramrattan guilty of rape, perjury and conspiracy for a vengeful scheme to get back at his ex, Seemona Sumasar, after she accused him of a violent 2009 sexual assault.

Sumasar, 36, let out a gasp and cried as family members leaned in to hug her after the verdict was delivered in Queens Supreme Court. Ramrattan, 39, kept his gaze fixed on the jury forewoman, betraying no emotion.

Sumasar spent last Thanksgiving alone in a jail cell, refusing the baloney sandwich she was offered to dine on milk, water and an apple.

She said she’ll spend this Thanksgiving around a dinner table surrounded by friends and family.

“How do you turn around and do that to somebody?,” Sumasar said afterward. “How do you live with yourself? Do I hate him? No. It makes me bitter and I don’t want to be bitter. It’s over.”

Jurors said they were swayed by Sumasar’s testimony when she recalled Ramrattan binding her with duct tape before raping her in her Far Rockaway apartment.

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