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Friday, April 27, 2012

NY - Walmart Has Magazine-Free Checkout For Kiryas Joel Shoppers

Monroe, NY - Walmart introduced at its store a checkout aisle free of provocative magazines.

We are all used to shop at big stores and when we head to the checkout we are surrounded by all these magazines showing nearly naked women. Jews refrain from gazing at such photos as not to cause sexual thoughts.

In order to lure Ultra Orthodox Jews to have a kosher shopping experience in Walmart Stores, the company introduced a check aisle free of magazines, so that Ultra Orthodox Jews will be able to shop with their kids, in comfort and mind at ease.

The manager said that now Jews can have a complete kosher shopping experience shopping at Walmart, buying kosher food and checking out and paying at kosher check out counters. "It will surely increase sales by a nice amount" a manager at the store commented.

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