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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DA Hynes: Video Not Factor in Suspension of Charges

The Brooklyn District Attorney said he dropped the charges against a homeless man arrested after a beating from police officers because there was “no case” against him.

DA Charles Hynes dismissed the charges against 21-year-old Ehud Halevy “after review of all available evidence” on Monday following his arrest inside a Jewish community center in Brooklyn. He faced charges including assault, resisting arrest and trespassing.

“Once we determined that there was no trespass because the kid had permission to stay in the location, there was no case,” Hynes said on Tuesday.

He said the surveillance video that captured the incident in which two officers confront Halevy and appear to beat him “was not really relevant to the decision.”

“The relevance to the decision is whether or not the kid had permission – if he had permission as he did then there was no trespass, and if there was no trespass there’s no case,” he said.

The NYPD and district attorney’s office are investigating the two officers involved.  

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  1. watch Halevy turn around + sue the NYPD for millions!